General Dentistry Mission

Student Training in Senior Clinic Student Training in Senior Clinic

The General Dentistry Mission is to teach students to apply their diagnostic and therapeutic skills; provide comprehensive care for the patients; advance the science of dentistry; and provide professional development opportunities for the faculty and staff.

The objectives of the Comprehensive Care Dental Practice Group Clinical Education Program is to provide a group practice environment for the delivery of comprehensive oral health care in the dental student clinics, which will: 
1. Provide educational experiences through the delivery of quality patient-centered care. 
2. Allow for progress toward and fulfilling competency in skills utilized by general dentists as defined by the Dental School's competency statements. 
3. Develop clinical and behavioral skills utilized by the successful general dentist in patient-centered practices. 
In addition, this Program will encourage students to deliver oral health care for each assigned patient in an appropriate and timely manner, to perform a wide variety of clinical procedures, to be continuously active in patient care, and to contribute to the operations of the Practice Group.