General Dentistry History

historyThe Department of General Dentistry found its origin in 2006 with the development of the "Comprehensive Care Clinic" for senior dental students. It was created to bring patient care into an all encompassing full care dental atmosphere. Whatever the patients needs, they were to be met much like a private practice setting. Periodontic, emergency, minor endodontic, minor oral surgery, operative dentistry, fixed and removable prosthodontic care are all dealt with in the same clinical setting. Specialty care, too difficult for the senior students is referred to the department best suited for that patients' care, much like most dental practices. The purpose of this department is to bring the whole spectrum of patient care together to fully treat a patient; from treatment planning to completion regardless of needs.

The General Dentistry Department represents the heart and soul of Dentistry. It is our job to complete the mission of the school in preparing the senior student to provide the people of Georgia with excellent oral health care. The general dentist must act as the gateway to oral health. We challenge our seniors to become the best graduate possible by providing guidance in all phases of dentistry, while striving for efficient, timely and quality oral treatment in a caring environment.