Student Counseling and Psychological Services adheres to strict confidentiality guidelines established by professional ethical codes and national and state laws. Any and all records kept by Student Counseling and Psychological Services are kept confidential, except in these cases:

When the client is determined to be a threat to the health and safety of self or another, including abuse of a child, elder or disabled adult. If a counselor determines a client’s personal safety or the safety of another person is at risk, counselors are required by law to take protective actions. This may include notifying family members or other emergency contacts, contacting the police, seeking hospitalization for the client, notifying potential victims of harm or contacting others who can help provide protection. In the case of abuse, counselors are required by law to notify the appropriate state agency. If any of these situations occur, every effort will be made by your counselor to fully discuss the situation with you before taking any action.

When documents are court ordered to be released to the property of the court.

When Student Counseling and Psychological Services staff discuss case material for the purpose of consultation, supervision, and/or treatment team planning.

When Student Counseling and Psychological Services staff makes a referral on your behalf to Student Health in order to coordinate treatment.  Only relevant and pertinent information relating to treatment planning shall be shared.

When a CARE Report about a client involves threat of harm to self and/or other(s).

f.    When the client has given consent to share specified information with identified person(s) and/or agency(ies).

Clients under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign consent to treatment of their minor child prior to treatment.

Client names and appointment information is shared with front office staff at both the Summerville and Health Science Campus locations for scheduling purposes.