CERM Staff Directory

Organizational Chart

James Rush JD, Chief Integrity Officer, 706-721-1626

June Hokrein, Administrative Assistant III, 706-721-0900

Privacy Compliance

Christine Adams CHC CHPC, Enterprise Privacy Officer, 706-721-5631

Kim Templeton CCEP, Compliance/Privacy Analyst, 706-721-4119

Health Care Compliance

Angelica Hardison MBA, Compliance Analyst, 706-721-1795

Higher Education Compliance

(Vacant), Compliance Analyst, 706-721-0901

Michele Reed MS, Title IX Coordinator, 706-721-0901

Billing Compliance

Janice Douglas CPC CPMA, CEMC, Director of Coding, Charge Capture, and Compliance, 706-828-6409

Shereen Sullivan CCS-P CPMA,  Audit, Compliance, and Education Manager

Orris Knight-Sims MHA CPC, Dental Clinical Review Specialist

Athletics Compliance

(Vacant), Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance, 706-729-2450

Environmental Health & Safety Compliance

Phil Young MS CHP, Associate Vice President, 706-721-2663