Continuing Medical Education

CME for Clinical Teaching Preparation


Physician faculty may receive AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for the learning that is associated with their preparation for teaching in UME and GME.

Types of Teaching/Learning Activities
  1. Preparing for a student/resident encounter or teaching session; developing educational materials related to case or clinical problems; developing case discussion prompting questions and information seeking
  2. Researching (with or without learner present) case materials related to presentations, clinical questions online or in journals and other text sources; literature searching; updating bibliographies; synthesizing literature
  3. Developing and refining teaching skills; participating in faculty development; reflecting on teaching encounters and undertaking improvements; developing learning/teaching plans
  4. NOT the clinical teaching activity itself (i.e., rounds, student shadowing, patient encounter, observation, resident check-out)
Applying for CME Credits

Access the CME Request Form: Click here to download form

Complete each section of the form. A) contact information, B) general details of preparation activity, C) brief description of preparation activity.

1.     Submit completed form to your affiliated, MCG clinical campus. (select one)

a.    Augusta Campus - Dr. Renee Page,

b.    SE Campus - Dr. Wayne Rentz,

c.     NW Campus - Dr. Leonard Reeves,

d.    Augusta University/UGA Medical Partnership - Dr. Gerald Crites,

e.    SW Campus - Dr. Doug Patten,

Additional Details

1.     Documentation should be submitted no later than 30 days after completion of the activity.

2.     There is no cost to physician faculty to receive these credits.

For More Information:

Pam Witter
Interim Director, Division of Continuing Education
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
919 15th Street, FI-1066  Augusta, Georgia 30912
Phone: 706-721-3967