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Clinical Trials at the Georgia Cancer Center

Open-to-Accrual Therapeutic Trials by Clinical Program

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Pediatric Oncology

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Head & Neck Cancer

Malignant Hematology

Neuro Oncology (Brain)

Thoracic Oncology (Lung)


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As an academic medical center, the Georgia Cancer Center in Augusta, GA is actively involved in cancer research for cancer patients.

Clinical trials are the last step in a carefully regulated, detailed scientific process that starts in a laboratory in cells or tissue and are then tested in humans—oftentimes years later and always after strenuous review.

Medical studies are supervised by a local physician and look at every stage of disease, from first diagnosis to advanced disease. All are designed to find, diagnose, treat or prevent cancer.

Program Highlights


crowd Georgia Cancer Center leads state’s only minority-focused research program

The Georgia Cancer Center has been awarded a five-year grant from the National Cancer Institute to lead the state’s only cancer research program focused on better access to clinical trials and cancer treatments for minority and underserved patients.



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