Qiagen Pyrosequencer
StepOnePlus™ Real-Time PCR
StepOnePlus™ Real-Time PCR

For all of the listed instruments above, users are responsible for knowing how to run the machines and what products and sample preparation to use. If additional information or assistance is needed, please contact the Core Managers.

The scheduling for use of these instruments will be done exclusively through Groupwise Appointments. Please see below, if more information is needed.

The Process for Reserving Equipment:

  1. Send an Outlook appointment to the Resource Name. 

    ** Note: If weekend OR extended time is needed, contact Dr. Chang (  or Dr. Kitamura ( or 706-721-5471) 
        to make the arrangements.
  2. Next you will receive an e-mail response confirming your scheduled time. 
    (This is not automated.)
  3. IDR's will be sent out later to Principle Investigator on a periodic basis to Drs. Chang & Kitamura.

How to Book Equipment using Outlook Appointments

  1. Click New Meeting button on the toolbar.
  2. In the To field your name should already be automatically added, but if not, please add your name.
    Type the Resource name. For example: LASER_SCANNING_MICROSCOPE, PYROSEQUENCER , or ABI Real-Time PCR--CN2143.
    New Appt. 
  3. The Place destination is automatically populated with the resource name (ex: LASER_SCANNING_MISCROSCOPE) , because it is a GroupWise Resource.
  4. Specify the Start Date & Time
  5. Specify the Duration
  6.  To Check Availabilityclick the Scheduling Assistant button  on the toolbar.
  7. The individual’s Schedule Grid shows whether the GroupWise Resource is Busy (gray shaded) or Available (white not shaded at all). See the 2 examples below. 
  8. Click OK when you are satisfied with your day and time.
  9. Type in the Subject.
  10. Click Send.