GeneChip ® Tiling Arrays for ChIP-on-Chip

DNA Affymetrix

GeneChip ® Tiling Arrays for ChIP-on-chip enable you to explore and identify functional elements of the genome, including transcription factor binding sites, DNA methylation and histone modification. With 6.4 million features per array and 25-mer probes spaced every 35 base pairs (bp), GeneChip ® Tiling Arrays offer more content per array than any other platform.

Whole-genome Coverage:

  • Human Tiling 2.0R Array Set *
  • Mouse Tiling 2.0R Array Set *
  • Drosophila 2.0R Array
  • Arabidopsis Tiling 1.0R Array
  • C. elegans 1.0R Array
  • S. pombe Tiling 1.0FR Array
  • S. cerevisiae Tiling 1.0R Array

*Single arrays are also available


Promoter and Focused Content:

  • Human Promoter 1.0R Array
  • Mouse Promoter 1.0R Array
  • Chromosome 21/22 2.0R Array
  • Encode 2.0R Array

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