The Jag20 is Augusta University’s Alumni Emerging Leader awards program honoring 20 outstanding younger alumni who have upheld the values of Augusta University and have made a significant impact in their chosen career field, their community and/or their alma mater. Please complete the nomination form below to nominate an emerging alumni leader under 40.


  • The nominee must be a Augusta University graduate (undergraduate or graduate degree) or graduate of a legacy institution (Augusta College, Augusta State University, Georgia Health Sciences University, Georgia Regents University or the Medical College of Georgia).
  • The nominee must be under the age of 40.
  • Nominations may be made by any person or group. However, self-nominations are not accepted.
  • The nominator must complete a nomination form (electronic or paper), letter of recommendation and provide any supporting information as requested in the application process.
  • The nominee will be contacted about the nomination by the Alumni Office and must send in resume, CV or any other incomplete information that the nominator did not provide.


Consideration is based on the nominee’s contributions of Augusta University’s 6 Core Values (listed below) as well as their contributions to their chosen career field, service in their community, and engagement of their alma mater.

Core Values

Collegiality – reflected in collaboration, partnership, sense of community, and teamwork.

Compassion – reflected in caring, empathy, and social responsibility.

Excellence – reflected in distinction, effectiveness, efficiency, enthusiasm, passion, and quality.

Inclusivity – reflected in diversity, equality, fairness, impartiality, and respect.

Integrity – reflected in accountability, ethical behavior, honesty, and reliability.

Leadership – reflected in courage, honor, professionalism, transparency, and vision.

Nominations have now closed for the class of 2018. They will reopen late spring 2018 for the class of 2019.


Jag20 Class of 2017 Group Photo

Are you a part of the Jag20 Class of 2017? Get your Jag20 portrait!

Amber Berryman, BS ’08

Joe Newton, BS ’02

Jason Blanchard, BBA ’01

Alyssa Paetau, BS ’02, MD

Daniel Browning, BA ’13

Rebecca Paquin, DMD’12

Terrill Flakes, BS ’14, MPH ’16

April Paschal, BBA ’02

Kelsey Folks, BA ’13

Jessica Perry, BBA ’05

Ryan Fulchi, DMD ’10

Elizabeth Prince-Coleman, PA-C ’13

Emily Hahn, DMD’13, MS ’16

Matt Rudy, MD ’10

Danielle Harris, BA ’07, MEd ’11

Erin Scott, PhD ’16

Jason Holt, EdS ’13

Beau Worthington, BA ’05

Pardon Ndhlovu, MBA ’15

Timber Wages, PA-C ’13