Instructional Support Services - Technology

The College of Allied Health Sciences offers embedded instructional support services in technology, research and instructional design on the first floor of the Health Sciences Building.

Randle Berlin
Randle Berlin

Instructional Systems Analyst



Contact Randle for assistance with services and training for the instructional technologies listed below. Randle also leads the monthly CAHS Information Technology Advisory Committee meeting. For minutes, visit the ITAC website.

A learning management system

  • post information
  • manage learners
  • disseminate, collect and grade papers, quizzes and discussions

ECHO 360
A lecture capture tool

  • record lectures (from a personal computer or classroom podium computer)
  • share recordings with students via D2L

A communication suite

  • hold live online sessions (with audio, video, chat, screen-share, quizzing and polling capability)
  • share recordings with your via D2L

Exam Soft / Responds Lockdown Browser
Secure testing systems to securely administer exams online

Campus Labs
An evaluation system used to collect student end-of-course data

Turning Technologies
An audience response system that allows students to actively engage in lectures by using clickers