Clinical Laboratory Science Faculty and Staff

photo of Scott C. Wise, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB
Scott C Wise, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB

Associate Professor / BS-CLS and MHS-CLS Program Director
photo of Tiana Curry-McCoy, PhD, MPH, MPA
Tiana Curry-McCoy, PhD, MPH, MPA

Associate Professor, MHS-CLS Research Program Director
photo of Mary Jane (MJ) Weintraub, DVM, M(ASCP)CM 
Mary Jane (MJ) Weintraub, DVM, M(ASCP)CM

Associate Professor
photo of Jeane Silva, Ph.D., MPA, EdS, MB(ASCP)CM
Jeane Silva, PhD, MPA, EdS, MB(ASCP)CM

Assistant Professor
photo of Gloria Sloan, MS, MT(ASCP)
Gloria Sloan, MS, MT(ASCP)

photo of Giti Bayhaghi, MHS, MLS(ASCP)CM
Giti Bayhaghi, MHS, MLS(ASCP)CM

Assistant Professor
photo of Lester G. Pretlow, PhD, CLS(C), NRCC(CC)
Lester G Pretlow, PhD, CLS(C), NRCC(CC)

Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor
photo of Nasrul Hoda, PhD
Nasrul Hoda, PhD

Assistant Professor
photo of Sharad Purohit, PhD
Sharad Purohit, PhD

Assistant Professor
photo of Zubaida Abubucker, BSc, MLT(ASCP)
Zubaida Abubucker, BSc, MLT(ASCP)

Registered Medical Laboratory Technician
photo of Jan Bane
Jan Bane

Program Coordinator
photo of Wanda Adams, MBA, CAP, OM
Wanda Adams, MBA, CAP, OM

Office Manager