Policies and Procedures


 The following policies apply to all CAHS students:

        ■  CAHS Student Academic and Grievance Policy

■  CAHS Review Body Guidelines and Policies

■  Augusta University Student Academic Appeals Policy

■  Augusta University Student Grievances Policy

■  Augusta University Requirements for Graduation & Participation in Commencement Policy

Application policies and procedures may be obtained from the Office of Academic Admissions or may be downloaded from the Web. Early application is recommended. All applicants for undergraduate degree programs in the College of Allied Health Sciences must satisfy the requirements of the University System Core Curriculum for University System students. Applicants from non-System schools must satisfy the requirements of the Augusta University core curriculum for non-System students. Please check for additional admission information specific to each program at the departmental websites. Computer literacy is expected of all students.

Information pertaining to application, admission, fees and expenses, loans and scholarships can also be found in the current edition of the Augusta University Catalog. The catalog also contains Augusta University guidelines on:

  Academic Honesty

■  Graduation 

■  Professional Liability Insurance 

■  Academic Probation, Dismissal and Suspension

Matriculating students may refer to departmental student handbooks for more information. Departments may have more stringent standards. Where more stringent department dismissal standards apply, the faculty recommends dismissal to the Dean.