The role of a respiratory therapist

In hospital settings a respiratory therapist:

  • Assists physicians by assessing the patient's condition.
  • Plans and initiates treatment.
  • Provides patient education.

Treatments provided by a respiratory therapist include:

  • Oxygen and humidity therapy
  • Chest physical therapy
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation using state-of-the-art life support technologies


We offer two programs leading to a degree in respiratory therapy:


Which courses transfer?
If you are a current student at Augusta University visit the Transfer Equivalency Guide. Transferable courses are listed by state, college, and topic. If you have questions after going to the Transfer Course Equivalency page contact the subject department (English, math chemistry, etc.) or the program director of the Respiratory Therapy program.

Course Requirements for Admission
What courses are required for transfer/admission to the program?


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