The Respiratory Program  is fortunate to have many dedicated faculty and staff who work collaboratively to provide exceptional education and are involved in community service. The mission of the Respiratory Program is also supported by several part-time and clinical faculty.

Andrew J. Mazzoli PhD, RRT 
Andrew J Mazzoli PhD, RRT

Assistant Professor and Program Director
Hannah Beriault, MPH, RRT
Hannah Beriault, MPH, RRT

Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education

Gianluca De Leo, PhD, MBA

Associate Professor
Kathleen M. Hernlen, MBA, RRT  
Kathleen M Hernlen, MBA, RRT

Associate Professor
Bashir Chaudhary, MD
Bashir Chaudhary, MD

Professor Emeritus and Co-Medical Director
Manuel Castresana, MD
Manuel Castresana, MD

Professor and Co-Medical Director
 Tiffany Jackson
Tiffany Jackson

Office Specialist
 La Donna Butler
La Donna Butler

Administrative Assistant


 Part time faculty
  • Candace Negro, RRT
  • Christopher Truelove, RRT 
 Adjunct Clinical Professor

  Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor

  • Teresa Anderson, RRT, MBA
  • Andrew Beriault, RRT, BS
  • Sandi Butler, RRT, BS
  • Cliff Dennis, RRT, BS
  • Mona Herrington, RRT, BS
  • Shannon Jennings, RRT, BS
  • Kelli Mock, RRT, BS
  • Teresa Moss, RRT, BS
  • Stephanie Robinson, RRT, BS

  Adjunct Clinical Assistant Instructor

  • Lisa Brantley, RRT, BS
  • Latoriya Brown, RRT, BS
  • Rebecca Camp, RRT, BS
  • Lisa Christie, RRT, BS
  • Reva Crandall, RRT, BS
  • Eidson Dabneyy, RRT, BS
  • Tiffany Dicks, RRT, BS
  • Stephen Dishmond, RRT, BS
  • Melissa Guill, RRT, BS
  • Vanessa Jackson, RRT, BS
  • Brianica Jones, RRT, BS
  • Sheena Jordan, RRT, BS
  • Sally King, RRT, BS
  • Brittany Leverett, RRT, BS
  • Jennifer Losgar, RRT, BS
  • Whitney Martinez, RRT, BS
  • Raymond McHatton, RRT, BS
  • Jennifer Murphy, RRT, BS
  • Essa Paschal, RRT, BS
  • Barbara Senesac, RRT, BS
  • Amanda Sheram, RRT, BS
  • Lindsay Smith, RRT, BS
  • Antony Srott, RRT, BS
  • Don Tummons, RRT, BS
  • Christine Vangelder, RRT, BS
  • Steven Wilson, RRT, BS