Expenses and Financial Aid

There is no stipend for graduate student interns. Graduate student interns purchase their own lab coats and books and are responsible for their own living expenses. Program fee and payment schedule is available at http://www.augusta.edu/tuition/. A nonrefundable $100 down payment is due upon acceptance to the program (April). Refunds are based on the University’s Fee Payment and Refund Policies  During the internship, graduate student interns are expected to attend a professional conference and some of the expenses associated with this activity will be the graduate student interns’ responsibility.

Estimated expenses:

Non-refundable application fee $50
D&D Digital Computer Matching $50
DICAS fee $40 first/$20 each additional

Estimated Budget: 


$4,548.00 (In-state)

$12,962.00 (Out of state)
Books and supplies (including computer) $1,600
Room and board (monthly average) $820
Transportation (monthly average) $375
Professional membership dues $90
Personal (insurance, misc./monthly) $350

Financial Resources: Graduate student interns attending in Fall 2018 will be eligible for federal loans.

Scholarships:Graduate student intern are encouraged to apply for scholarships through The Academy at http://www.eatrightpro.org/resources/membership/student-member-center/scholarships-and-financial-aid. Funding may also be available from State and local dietetic associations.

Accessing Private Loans: Private loans are an option. If considering a private loan, verification of admission forms should be submitted to the program director.

Loan Deferment: If considering loan deferment, submit verification of admission form to the program contact the DI Director.

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