Associate of Arts Curriculum

This degree is a two-year program that includes the first two years of a standard science bachelor’s degree program and allows a student to move into the bachelor’s degree program with no loss of credit.

Core Areas A:  [9 hrs.]

  • ENGL 1101* (3hr.) [Self-Contained and Shared] [Supplemental Instruction]
  • ENGL 1102* (3hr.)    [Self-Contained and Shared] [Supplemental Instruction]
  • MATH 1101* (Mathematical Modeling) (3hr.) [Self-Contained] [Supplemental Instruction]

Core Area B: [4 hrs.]

  • Freshman Learning Community (A) (1hr.) [Self-Contained and Shared]
  • Freshman Learning Community (B) (1hr.) [Self-Contained and Shared]
  • COMS 1220 (2hr.) [Self-Contained and Shared]

Core Area C: [6 hrs.]

  • HUMN 2001 (3hr.) [Self-Contained and Shared] [Supplemental Instruction]
  • HUMN 2002 (3hr.) [Self-Contained and Shared] [Supplemental Instruction]

Core Area D: [11 hrs.]

  • ASTR 1000 [Introduction to the Universe] (4 hr.) [Supplemental Instruction]
  • PHSC 1011 [Physical Science] (4hr.)  [Supplemental Instruction]
  • MATH 1120 [Contemporary Mathematics] (3 hr.) [Supplemental Instruction]

Core Area E: [12 hrs.]

  • POLS 1101 (3 hrs.) [Self-Contained and Shared]
  • HIST 2111  (3 hrs.) [Self-Contained and Shared]
  • SOCI 1101 (3 hrs.) [Self-Contained and Shared]
  • HIST 1111 (3 hrs.) [Self-Contained and Shared]

Core Area F: [18 hrs.]

Courses in this area are chosen to prepare a student for graduation, or to meet the prerequisites for bachelor's degree in a specified field.

Additional Requirements: [3 hrs.]

  • Physical Education (1 hr)
  • Must include WELL 1000 [2 hrs.] [Self-Contained and Shared]

Total Hours for the Degree    63

* A grade of C or better is required

Self-Contained :  Classes not open to regular admissions students without special permission.

Shared: Classes shared by both the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree.

Supplemental Instruction: Can denote five day a week classes, scheduled student lead mentoring, mandatory use of a subject matter lab, or a course specifically designed to provide participants’ with additional academic assistance.