Planning Your Academic Life

Augusta University offers such a wide range of scholarly options that it is essential to take time early in your educational life to reflect and determine your own unique pathway.

There is no single answer – no simple formula for making your selection, but Augusta University academic advisors are dedicated to helping you explore, select and commit to yours. Confirming your target track early in your first semesters minimizes back tracking later for a change of major. Degree programs have preferences in the core curriculum. Many have special requirements that must be met before you are admitted to the program, and some of these require formal applications in a highly competitive acceptance process. Your academic advisor will help you map out your classes with an academic plan and as prudent, map a parallel plan as well. During your first terms, meet often with your academic and career advisors and track your progress with planning your academic life.

Major Decisions - steps and resources to determine and declare your program of study.

You should keep in mind that there are many paths leading to your goals.

Multiple areas of interest may often be combined to create a unique career path. You may elect to major in more than one area or to combine a major area of study with a minor concentration. You may begin in one field and pursue another in graduate school. The challenge before you now is to decide on which path to begin. Make an appointment early in your first term with your academic advisor to discuss your interests and work up a plan for researching and testing your educational options.

What can I do with my major?

Your Academic Plan - steps and resource to map your academics to graduation.

You need a plan for how you will build your academic life into a unique combination of coursework, skills, and experiences that lay the foundation for your career.

Academic Advisement will help you to begin, walking beside you, cheering you on, nudging you to push yourself, guiding you through the foggy bits, but you must do the work. Once you have confirmed your educational goals through your Major Decisions work, your plan is a matter of arranging the requirements in a logical order to be completed term by term in a timely manner towards graduation. Academic Advisement will help you map the first parts of your plan with the core curriculum. While common to all Augusta University bachelor’s degrees, there are program preferences, prerequisites and admissions criteria to be considered. Below is a sample generic plan, but yours will be more specific and should include notes on additional activities to expand your learning beyond the classroom (e.g. study abroad, undergraduate research, student leadership, internships, and service learning.) Make an appointment and work with your academic advisor on your academic plan just after midterm.

What’s Core? – brief overview of the core curriculum by Core Area.

Core Notes – lists core course descriptions with prerequisites noted.

JagTrax – overview of web degree audit tool for students and advisors – includes a planner section.

Notes & Dates

Advisement for Spring 2017 has begun for those advised in Academic Advisement. Check your JagMail for a SSC Campus appointment link to make a "Next Term Appointment"

Instructors are being asked to indicate progress on freshmen cohorts and student athletes. If you get a SCC Campus Alert, see your advisor and professor promptly to get back on track!

If you are thinking about withdrawing from a course, please schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss concerns and issues causing withdrawal.

The last day to withdraw from a course and receive a “W” is October 12th. The withdrawal form must be completed and turned into the Registrar's Office prior to the close of business day on October 12th

Major Fest-Wednesday, October 5th 9:30-Noon in the JSAC Ballroom.  Eat, Mix & Mingle and build your net as you explore AU Majors.

Getting Advised

Academic Advisement advises students with "Academic Advisement Advisee" hold. 

Located in University Hall 262, Academic Advisement is open weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm (matches registration hours and campus holidays). 

Walk-in hours for continuing students only for quick consultations (NOT including Next-Term Advisement) are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 10:00am-11:00am and 3:00-4:00pm.