Homeschooled Students

Augusta University recognizes that most students who have graduated from a non-accredited home school or high school are amply prepared for college work.

The University System of Georgia policy dictates that in addition to SAT I or equivalent ACT scores and the Freshman Index, students must present seventeen (17) specific required High School curriculum units to be accepted to a comprehensive research university. These units must be completed through a high school with regional accreditation. This accreditation is determined through an association with the Georgia Accrediting Commission, the Georgia Private School Accrediting Commission, or through a public high school regulated by the school system and the Department of Education.

Students who have completed the RHSC's in a homeschooled program or secondary school that is not accredited by one of the agencies listed above have the following three (3) options available in order to validate RHSC units. Students can select the option per subject area that is most suitable for them.


  • Stanford Achievement Test, California Achievement Test, or Iowa Test of Basic Skills- Submit a high school transcript and subject test scores from the Stanford Achievement, California Achievement test or the Iowa Test of Basic Skills for each RHSC subject area. Scores greater than or equal to the 50 percentiles of national takers will validate acceptable proficiency in RHSC subject areas.
  • SAT/ACT Scores-RHSC’s in Mathematics can be validated with a SAT I of at least 400 or an ACT score of at least 17. RHSC’s in English can be validated with a SAT I verbal score of at least 430 or an ACT score of at least 17. Students can validate additional RHSC's by presenting other standardized tests such as CLEP or SAT II. In addition to English and Mathematics, other sections of the ACT scores can be used to validate comprehension in specific subjects, such as science through the Science Reasoning section, and through the Sub scores (if student participated), Social Studies section.
  • SAT II-
    • English Writing-520
    • English Literature-530
    • American History& Social Studies-560
    • Math IC or Math IIC 500, or 570
    • Biology- 540
    • Chemistry- 590
    • Physics-540