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Common Counseling Concerns

The Counseling Center Staff is happy to talk with you about any issue related to academic performance, career development or personal concerns.

Career Concerns

Undecided about major
Information about an academic major
Need to learn more about chosen career field
Information about other colleges or graduate programs

Academic Concerns

Trouble studying
Trouble taking tests
Public speaking anxiety
Problems with professor
Academic Probation/ suspension
Problems concentrating
Test anxiety
Math anxiety
Returning to school after a long absence
Procrastinating with school assignments
Time management

Personal Concerns

Alcohol and substance abuse
Parenting and/or family concerns
Domestic violence
Sexual assault
Self-esteem issues
Roommate Problems
Anxiety/panic attacks
Anger management
Eating disorders
Depression and sadness
Grief and loss through death or breakup
Multicultural issues
Women's/Men's issues
Stress management
Gay/Lesbian issues
Relationship issues
Divorce issues


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