The 4 Years 4 U program is designed to encourage and assist students in a timely 4-year graduation. Each student is assigned an advisor who assists with academic guidance, course registration and career planning in the first year and a half of college.

Upon entering the university, freshmen students will sign a pledge to complete the program. With the advising support, Augusta University ensures the completion of a degree in four years with a modest amount of planning.

Find out how to get started, and put your 4-year plan into action today!


Have questions about your major? Need help with registration? The staff of Augusta University’s Academic Advisement Center is dedicated to helping you plan your academic future.


It’s never too early to start thinking about your career. From résumé development to dressing for an interview, Career Services has you covered.

Getting Started

Students pursuing the 4 Years 4 U program pledge complete the following steps:

  1. Register for 15-16 credit hours each semester or 30 credit hours per academic year.
  2. Meet with your assigned academic advisor at least once per term.
  3. Understand that academics must be a priority and be proactive in seeking assistance.
  4. Check AU email at least three times a week as this is the formal means of communication.


Did you know that only 57 percent of Georgia students complete a 4-year degree program in under 6 years? The 4 Years 4 U program is designed to help you beat the odds. And there are more benefits:

Stay on Track

Advisors will work closely with program participants to assess your progress in reaching your four-year goal each term. With the use of JagTrax each semester, you can ensure your timely degree completion. This online academic planner can help you identify all required classes to take for your major. Use it in conjunction with your advisement appointments to plan your roadmap for academic success each term.

Save Money

The longer you are in school, the more money it will cost. By finishing your degree in four years, you will save on those extra costs. Use the Loan Repayment Calculator to see for yourself that it will cost an average of $8-10,000 more a year for each year of additional year of coursework beyond the four years to complete your degree.

An extra two years of enrollment added to a 4-year degree
can equal up to half a year’s salary for a new graduate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I handle the 4 Years 4 U program?

Absolutely! All the 4 Years 4 U pledge requires is that you meet regularly with your academic advisor and develop a plan to ensure you graduate in four years or less. Augusta University provides a strong network of support to help you keep your commitment and reach your goals.

Why don’t students graduate in 4 years?

There are several reasons don’t graduate in 4 years. Some of those reasons include:

  • Inadequate planning
  • Not registering for the right classes
  • Not registering for the right sequence of courses
  • Not taking enough credits each term
  • Not utilizing campus resources to their benefit
  • Not exploring major or career interests early
  • Not being proactive in seeking assistance from faculty and tutoring services when struggling

Sometimes, though, circumstances do get in the way. Students might decide to add extra classes or coursework to their educational programs. Some change their major or their focus of study. To make sure you get the most out of your education while still graduating in four years or less, be sure to consult regularly with your academic advisor to determine how you can add value to your degree in the shortest time possible.

Is there a penalty for signing the 4 Years 4 U pledge if I opt out later?

Not at all. We understand that plans and commitments change. All we ask is that you communicate your change of plans with your advisor so that they can assist you accordingly with your revised goals.

What if I change majors?

If you decide to pursue a different major, be sure to contact your advisor as soon as possible. To make sure faculty and advisement support systems are aware of the change, make sure you also change your major at the Registrar's Office. Afterward, your advisor will work with you to develop an alternative plan to keep you on track to graduate within 4 years.

What if I need to leave for a semester or two?

Students needing to leave Augusta University for a period of time should consult with their advisor to develop a transition plan to get you back on track as soon as you’re able. Keep in mind, though, that any active student loans will begin repayment when you are no longer consistently enrolled toward a degree.